what it takes to investigate

What it takes to Investigate.


What It Takes To Investigate ​

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How we operate.

In our investigations, we have three (3) stages: the interview, the investigation, and the report. 

We do not investigate properties that have had Ouija boards, spirit boards, or any kind of occult paraphernalia due to the compromised safety risk of the resident and our team members. 

In the interview portion of our investigation, we will sit down in a public or private place, the decision is up to you as the client, and go over all of your claims with you.  The next step is a preliminary walk through. We will go into the house or other specified building and do a simple once-over throughout the space and get to know the layout. Later that night, or other specified night, we will do a formal investigation. We will spend as much time gathering evidence as we can. We do ask you and your family not be present during the investigation, unless previously agreed upon, due to possible contamination of evidence. After the formal investigation, we will take our data and meet with you at a later date, usually about a week. There, we will discuss what, if anything, we've found.

photo credit:http://galleryhip.com/abandoned-house.html